Thursday, 2 July 2009

At long last here are some photos of the dress made from Vogue 8021. I have adapted the pattern quite a lot, removing the pleats from the front and back as I didn't like the way they made the skirt hang. I've also added a contrast collar and cuffs to the sleeves which can be worn down as show in the photo or turned back to make the sleeve the original length of the pattern. I prefer them slightly longer and wear them down as shown. The fabric was purchased from John Lewis in Milton Keynes and is a lovely weight cotton which hangs beautifully when worn. I have lined the skirt of the dress so that I don't have to wear an underslip with it. The belt is purchased and this dress works equally well with a black belt.

I prefer the way the back hangs now that the pleats have been removed and intend to use the pattern of the skirt to make a stand alone skirt with some fabric I bought in New York a couple of years ago and which has a similar brown in the pattern as this fabric.

Here the dress is shown with a purchased jacket I bought last year. The photo perhaps doesn't do the colour match justice but the two pieces work well together. My plan is to make the skirt mentioned above to expand this capsule wardrobe.

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