Friday, 29 May 2009

Duvet set

This is a plain ready made poly cotton duvet set I embroidered for my granddaughter. I started by creating a rectangle in the centre of each side of the duvet cover then dividing the rectangle into squares. Creating the grid enabled me to place an embroidery within each square. The embroidery was stitched out on my Pfaff Creative Vision using the 150 x 150 all purpose hoop and two layers of tear away stabiliser. The outer rectangle was highlighted with ribbon. I washed the duvet cover after the embroidery to remove all traces of layout markings.

The embroidery designs were created within Pfaff 4D Software using a purchased design in the centre surrounded by circles of pattern stitches created within the software. I decided to place the embroidery for the pillowcase to one side in case it was uncomfortable against the face.

If I were to embroider another duvet I thinkI would make larger designs and stitch in a larger hoop to reduce the number of hoopings.

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